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Queue is built back up 150+…back to my regularly scheduled blogging.

Anonymous asked: what kind of computer did you get?

MacBook Pro :)

Seriously, I knew you guys made some gorgeous edits but I am just in AWE over them after my computer update.  Seriously, you are all so talented!  

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get to know me meme || 1/5 favourite female characters: katniss everdeen

↳ “at some point, you have to stop running and turn around and face whoever wants you dead. the hard thing is finding the courage to do it.”

that’s what you and i do, p r o t e c t  e a c h o t h e r

[make me choose] peetasdream asked: primrose or rue?

"I bite my lip. Rue is a small yellow flower that grows in the Meadow. Rue. Primrose. Neither of them could tip the scale at seventy pounds soaking wet. “

it was an accident


we all used to have 0 followers so don’t be an asshole to people with less followers than you


the maze runner fanmix 

Just follow me and run like your life depends on it. Because it does.”

01 Waking Up | 02 Faces Without Names | 03 You Have A Special Purpose In Life | 04 Surveillance | 05 Cognitive Degrade | 06 The Wall | 07 We Built Our Own World | 08 Confession | 09 Fearful Odds | 10 Time To Leave | 11 The Last Stand | 12 You Led Us Here | 13 Coming Home | 14 Love & Loss | 15 Aftermath